What to Pack: Cabo Edition

15 Apr 2016

“Excuse me ma’am, your bag is over 50 pounds.”


I’m not even a little bit embarrassed by the weight of my suitcase because it is full of essential items for a successful trip to Cabo with friends. I’m going to share a few of those items with you today, so that you can have a glam, stress-free vacation at the beach, too.

A Variety of Bikinis

betty james beachI am in love with this navy scalloped edge bikini for relaxing on the beach, but I always make sure to take a few bikinis for some variety. You don’t wear the same outfit to work every day, so why would you want to wear the same bikini every day? The same rules apply for soaking up the sun.

A Sarong and a Sun Hat

BJ friendsWhile it’s perfectly acceptable to wander around the resort in one of your cute swimsuits, sometimes the sun gets to be too much, and some extra coverage is needed. A pretty, coordinating sarong and a floppy beach hat are just what you need after hours of tanning on the sand. Don’t forget your sunscreen either! Nothing ruins the afterglow of a great beach vacation like a sunburn.

A Fun Game to Play on the Beach

While there is nothing better than relaxing by the water and listening to the waves, if you’re vacationing with friends, it’s always a fun idea to have a game for everyone to play. Cards Against Humanity is perfect for this occasion: it gets a bit risqué and always provides hours of laughter. And if you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort, turn it into a drinking game, and keep the wait staff well tipped! Another fun beach activity is badminton. But don’t take the badminton set in your luggage; buy it while you’re there for some extra fun in the sun.

A Few Versatile Jewelry Pieces


While loads of accessories aren’t necessary on a beach trip, you’ll want a little something to wear with your dinner attire. There are plenty of Betty James Jewelry options, like the pieces pictured here from our Baja collection, that could also work with your aforementioned bikini and sarong to keep you looking as put together as possible with minimal effort.

I hope this list helps you to have the trip of a lifetime at the beach, and if you have any other tips for your fellow beach-going ladies, let us know!