26 Oct 2015 Leepa Necklace from Betty James Mediterranean jewelry

Leepa Necklace

Get ready to binge on the luxe Leepa necklace! A designer fave, this stunning accessory is our trendiest by far!

This art inspired “bib” creation is comprised of matte finished scenic jasper ovals and Nigerian brass. Although it has a neutral undertone, admirers will be pleased to find dramatic mint, peach, brown, cream, black and tan accents!

Approximately 18” with extender option, the luxe Leepa provides you with the glitz and glam needed to confidently conquer any and all occasions.  Wear with your favorite cashmere sweater, leggings and boots or give your “go to” dress a new look with this stunning piece.

This is what we like to call jewelry designed for maximum impact!

We’re popping the cork for this celebrated style! And we couldn’t be happier.

13 Oct 2015 versatile oyo necklace from Betty James jewelry

Versatile OYO

This 2 in 1 necklace doubles the fun. Looks like two necklaces, but OYO (South African slang for Surprise), it’s one piece! Can’t decide if you want to wear silver or gold? With this necklace you don’t have to decide. The OYO has both silver and gold tones, perfect if you want to shine in silver or go gorgeous in gold. Made of 100 year old Nigerian vintage brass, ebony with silver inlay from Mali, assorted brass findings and white crystal – this versatile necklace goes anywhere. Get sassy by wearing with your favorite “little black dress.” Or, pop it on with your favorite sweater for a more casual look.

You can’t go wrong with this necklace. Add this versatile, bold, light weight necklace to your wardrobe and Surprise (OYO), the conflict between wearing silver or gold is over – you can wear both. Congratulations, you’ve just added a piece you will come back to over and over again.

Interested in the OYO? Visit http://bettyjames.com/products/oyo to get yours today!